EchoLink at 445.2

I currently have an EchoLink link at 445.2, located in Cantonment. This is experimental and in a testing stage, but is up most of the time, and appears to be working. The call is KT4B/L. Output power is about 30 watts, and the antenna is just about 20 feet up.

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EchoLink Proxy

I run an EchoLink Proxy at, port 8100, password w2qyv, open to everyone, especially, of course, members of the Niagara Radio Club.

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Georg Ohm and Ohm’s Law

I found this video via the Wire Rascals group on Facebook. Besides the interest for those who work in electronics, I think it provides some important insights both on where science has difficulties, and also how science overcomes those difficulties. Note that the presenter explains in a comment on the video that she mispronounces Ohm’s first name, Georg as George and realized it later.

The basic problem for scientific study is that people resist new things, sometimes based on what they assume are well-established facts. Small misunderstandings in one area can lead to greater misunderstandings in another. Scientists are people.

At the same time, the continuing processes of science are more likely to change views, simply because scientists are also looking for something new to establish themselves. Quite often, the resistance to the new ideas and the effort required to overcome that resistance result in refining and improving the basic idea.

Watch the video carefully to see how missing data can lead an experiment astray. Years later, Ohm’s Law is a basic element in thinking about electrical circuits. It’s hard to imagine that it was ever questioned. Unless, of course, we look at unknown data.

Featured image by Alex Kuimov from Pixabay

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SSB and Amateur Radio

In a conversation with my brother, N3AU, my sister, WB7OIU, we got into a discussion of when SSB made its way into amateur radio, since our family got started with the hobby in the early 1930s.

There’s a PDF article on the ARRL site which gives the history. Very worth reading.

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Field Day in Escambia County Florida

I wasn’t involved, but the news story is nice.

I am, however, finally able to operate fully on emergency power from the home shack.

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QYT 8900D from Amazon

I haven’t tried this radio, but I got a notice about it from today and thought I’d post a link. If I didn’t already have more power than this in my car, I’d be very tempted at that price.

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Technical Discussion via Zoom

My brother, Robert Neufeld, amateur radio operator N3AU, who also has pretty much every commercial radio license and is a lifetime electronics hobbyist, is going to host a zoom technical discussion each Thursday night at 8 pm eastern time. He plans to have it run around an hour +/- depending on what questions people have.

You can email him at if you’d like information about the meeting.
The first session is tonight, March 25, 2021.

de KT4B

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Amateur Extra Class via Zoom

My brother, N3AU, a very active leader in Amateur radio in the Niagara Falls, NY area, will be offering an Amateur extra class via Zoom.

The class will meet every Thursday evening at 7 pm starting 10/15/20. It will continue as long as necessary. The textbook is the study guide by Gordon West, WB6NOA.

For more information, including the zoom link and meeting ID, contact Bob Neufeld.

Featured image credit: Image by Michael4Wien from Pixabay

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Betty Rae Neufeld Nick now WB7OIU

It’s usual to go for a vanity callsign to get a shorter one, such as when I turned in KE0OY in exchange for KT4B, inherited from my father, Ray Neufeld.

My sister Betty Rae, also an Extra Class, has now turned in AC2BM in exchange for mother’s callsign, WB7OIU. Mother became a silent key a year ago April.

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Testing an Antenna

This video from IZ2UUF is definitely worth taking the time to view. It puts visuals on some theory.

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