R. D. Neufeld Family Hams

Download the Licenses.pdf file to see the licenses and years for various Neufeld family ham radio operators, including our uncle Don F. Neufeld.

Current or final license are as follows:

Raymond D. Neufeld, KT4B (SK)
Myrtle A. Neufeld, WB7OIU (SK)
Don F. Neufeld, W3ZS (SK, Ray Neufeld’s brother)
Betty Rae Nick, AC2BM
Robert J. Neufeld, N3AU
Henry E. Neufeld, KT4B
Jason Neufeld, AE7JH (Robert Neufeld’s son)
Timothy Neufeld, WB7UAQ (Don Neufeld’s son)
Berney Neufeld, KB5YI (Don Neufeld’s son)