Hello world!

Why KT4B Blogs?

I originally designed the header image I’m using for this site when I inherited my father’s callsign.  When he passed away, I had an Advanced Class license as KE0OY.  I tested for my Extra Class specifically to inherit that callsign.

The header image was shown at my computer services company blog for some time, but it was time to change that.

There will be software experimentation going on here, but I think that’s in the spirit of Amateur Radio.  Any blog that deals with Amateur Radio in any way is welcome here.  It doesn’t have to be exclusively radio talk, but should have some relationship to radio.  Each site can have up to 3GB of files uploaded.

If you don’t find a plug-in or a theme that you would like to use, e-mail me.  If it’s not a security risk, I’ll be glad to add it.  If you need a host for your self-hosted WordPress blog, please e-mail me about that as well.  I’ll post information on such hosting here soon.

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